Old Floorboard Restoration Geelong 

Repair and rejuvenate your old floorboards with FloorPlay. Give old floors a new lease of life by repairing and rejuvenating them today! 

At FloorPlay in Geelong we have over ten years experience at floorboard rejuvenation and floorboard restoration. Breathe new life into your tired old floors and give your home a complete and fresh new look. Some of the services we offer to customers with old existing floors for their house include:

Removing existing floorcovering

FloorPlay offer you the service of removing existing floorcovering so you can save time and avoid the hassle of hard labour. As part of our service we will even dispose of the old floor covering for you. Our prices vary depending on the type of floor covering, the installation method, the size of the area you need cleared and the distance to the nearest disposal site. Please phone FloorPlay on 03 5249 0800 for a free quote. 

Removing glue, paint and Black Japan

Have you removed your old floorcovering only to discover that it was glued directly to the floorboards? Have the painters dripped paint all over your floor or has your original floor been "protected" by Black Japan? Do not despair, we are here to help! In most cases FloorPlay can sand off the glue, paint or Black Japan back to the original timber and coat the floorboards as desired.

Replacing Damaged Floorboards

FloorPlay can replace damaged, split and missing floorboards for you. Many customers have requested the service of floorboard replacements, some examples of times when a floorboard may need to be replaced rather than repaired are:

  • White ant or Borer trails
  • Larger holes from old gas or water pipes
  • Removal of old fireplace hearth

Colour Matching to Existing Timbers

Although there is no way to match an existing timber colour exactly, FloorPlay will endeavour to find the closest possible shade of stain to match your existing stained floorboards. Because timber is a natural product, colours within even a single piece of timber can vary immensely, hence the difficulty in exact matching. We can match new timber to older timber using the appropriate method of staining for your floor. 

Filling Minor Holes

Minor holes created by nails, staples and cables can be quickly and easily filled using colour matched putty. Slightly larger holes and gaps, such as those around door frames or created by pipes can be filled using a small piece of timber cut to size and filled with colour matched putty. For larger holes, you may need to consider replacing the floorboard.

For further information on replacing old floorboards or renovating and rejuvenating existing floorboards contact us via email or phone us on 03 5249 0800.

Servicing Geelong, Torquay, Barwon Heads, Ocean Grove, the Surfcoast and the Bellarine Peninsula.